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Pre-Cut MC Whips

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The future of Electrical Prefabrication is here.

Welcome to Thompson Brown Inc! We offer the latest innovative Electrical Prefabrication solutions to reduce the installation time required for your projects. Prefabrication is a necessary service to help contractors with lean processes and to increase their ability to compete. Our competitive pricing enables contractors to bid more aggressively, allowing them to win more projects while increasing their margin and improving the schedule. 

Check out our Electrical Prefab services page for more information on how we can save you time and money.

The TBI Difference

With over a century of experience as electricians, we know how to eliminate your pain points saving you thousands of dollars and hours of labor. 
    We thrive on innovation. As electricians, we have the expertise to change the way the electrical industry does business today. 
      Quality assurance is our main ambition. We check every square inch of our products over and over because we care about bringing you the best in pre-fab solutions. 
        Made in America
        With products that are completely assembled in America, we proudly provide Americans with job opportunities in the electrical field. 
          Here for You
          We’re on call to answer your questions 24/7 so you’re never in the dark about the solutions we’ve provided to you. 
            Our solutions are simple. They solve everyday problems in the field without complexity. 
              You can trust us to be your go-to company for pre-fab solutions. We provide peace of mind so there’s one less thing to fret over when completing your projects. 


                As a Project Executive for a major electrical contracting firm, I am always looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce labor expenses. I was recently assigned 3 major projects in one of the most well-known cities in the world. Each project started at the same time and the temporary light requirements were enormous. I reached out to Thompson Brown Inc. for a solution. They quickly presented a solution to prefabricate the temporary light stringers for us, not only saving valuable man hours on the site but allowing us to light up the work site much quicker."