Allow me to introduce you to Thompson Brown Inc. We’re an electrical prefabrication manufacturer building electrical products for electrical contractors. We have the tools, we have the space, and we have great people. We care about your job, your quality, and our customers. We understand your needs. Every prefab company does room-in-a-box, but at Thompson Brown we prefabricate much more: Load Centers, Room in a Box, Racks, Transformers, Electrical Rooms, General Assemblies for common areas, Lighting Whips, Underground Duct Banks, Dock Door Assemblies, Temporary Power Solutions, Temporary Lighting, Overhead Pipe Bending, Wall Rough-In Pipe Bending, Control Panels, and that’s just to name a few. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

   We work with you to come up with solutions at any level. We give you the competitive edge you need to compete in the open market today.

   Give us a call at 931-268-4900.

   We look forward to the opportunity to serve you as a partner.