Electrical Prefab is "LESS"

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Electrical Prefab is "LESS"

We love having discussions about Electrical Prefab because it helps gets the message out. We want to share with you a discussion we had on one of our social media accounts. Leave your comments below and share your opinion. We want to hear your thoughts!


Prefab is “LESS”. 

Less install cost.
Less of your skilled people doing unskilled work.
Less unproductive labor cost.
Less trips.
Less material handling.
Less emergency purchasing.
Less scrap.
Less stored material. 

A comment left by a Union member: 
"In a perfect world. But let's see all the raised hands for the installers who have experienced all of the above. Usually it can be quite the opposite. The only thing there will "Less" of in the future of PreFab is humans. Bring on the Machines!"

The response made by our founder:
"First I would like to start by saying I appreciate your comments because without discussion we can't get the true message out. I'm a brother out of Local #429 and I started this company for several different reasons. In a perfect world the IBEW would have a 100% market share across the country. But they don't. They have about 27-32%. So, why do you think that is? Because people lose track of the real reason. And that is, the IBEW is here. We are here to thrive on a nation wide level. We are here to be united in every aspect of electrical work. If a contractor struggles to get a single 60-man job, to put our brothers and sisters to work but cannot drive the schedule and set the standard, then we don't get another one. But if we can take that one 60-man job, turn it into a 40-man job, drive the schedule and give them a good quality product, then we are now competitive enough and respected enough to get ten more jobs just like it, which then puts 400 of our brothers/sisters to work. By doing this, we take back the market share, build our membership, and set the standard once again. In a perfect world, the IBEW and their contractors would work together to be united in this cause.

I am not trying to be disrespectful in any way. What I am trying to do is help our union across the board. So that we don't have to worry in 10 years how we are going to provide for our families and feed our children. We need less negativity with our membership and a more positive message to young people trying to get into our industry.

Thompson Brown Inc is a prefab company that is here to help the IBEW members and the NECA contractors across the country. We are an IBEW manufacturer that employs IBEW members to build our products. We are electricians building electrical components for electrical contractors. We have an IBEW made or an IBEW assembled sticker on our product to show our pride in our workers and our union. There are no machines building this product. Only proud IBEW members"


Source: https://www.linkedin.com/nhome/updates?activity=6164123803568848896


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