Reap the Rewards of Electrical Prefab

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Reap the Rewards of Electrical Prefab

Electrical Prefab isn't a new concept so why isn't everyone doing it?

Electrical Prefab reduces time.
Tasks that require repetition don't need to be done on the job site, especially while kneeling on a hard concrete floor with construction work going on all around you. Our electrical prefab products are engineered, assembled and delivered straight to your job site so your journeyman doesn't have to waste precious time on takeoffs. When you open our box of assemblies, they’re ready to be installed into the wall or ceiling. Imagine how easily and quickly you can complete a project!

Electrical Prefab helps keep the clutter away.
You can't avoid garbage. It's simply a part of the construction process. But, we can help you dramatically reduce it! All the wrappers from individual parts? Gone. The mountain of cardboard boxes? Eliminated. All the scraps of flex, conduit and knock outs? No more! Not only does this make clean-up easier, it removes clutter you or other workers could be tripping over. Less Clutter = More Safety.

Electrical Prefab takes away the need for material movement.
Think about any piece of material on the job site. Typically, it can move half a dozen times before it finally reaches its destination. When our prefabricated assemblies arrive, they go directly to the location where they’re needed so you don't have to worry about transferring material around.

What are some other ways you can take advantage from electrical prefab?
Share your comments with us below. We would love to hear your ideas! 

Isn’t it time that you took advantage of the benefits prefab offers?


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