The Benefits of Electrical Prefab

The Benefits of Electrical Prefab

Your current system works just fine, but you've noticed there are a few inefficiencies. Your journeyman wastes precious time each week gathering supplies and materials, which can get expensive on an emergency basis. You've noticed lots of clutter and scrap.

Does this sound like your department? If so, then you’re one of the many contractors or project managers who may stand to benefit greatly from learning a bit about prefab solutions.

Less is More

In a world full of project options, less can equal more. Electrical prefab lessens your cost, wastes less of your top highly-skilled workers’ time, and creates less scrap metal than typical fabrication. It can also eliminate the need for your journeyman to make those endless trips to the supply house. Our custom prefab products are engineered and assembled for you and can significantly decrease the amount of clutter, waste, and material handling on site. But those aren't the only benefits.

Custom prefab increases jobsite safety

Additionally, with custom prefab comes a custom product. But what you will avoid is all of the clutter and garbage on a job site that poses a safety hazard. You can have the specialized materials that you need, ready for you to use them, and without the added safety hazard of unintentional extra materials.

Saving time and increasing field productivity

Decrease your job site congestion and create time. Your workers will thank you. Because of its immergence onto the construction scene, electrical prefab is quickly becoming an industry standard. With accurate automation and a highly skilled staff, Thompson Brown Inc uses prefa solutions to increase the quality of your work, save time on rough-ins, and appease your highly-trained journeyman with more efficient uses of time and more material consistency.

Create Jobs

Automating the process means faster turn-around time at a higher profit margin. In other words: Prefab allows your team can take on more jobs! That’s right - our prefab solutions create jobs. Leveraging prefab solutions keeps your business sustainable and creates good jobs for your workers; jobs they can count on having for a long time.

If you'd like to talk to someone about custom electrical prefab and our process, please feel free to contact us here. Thompson Brown, Inc. wants to be your “go to” people for all your prefab needs.


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