Top 5 Factors That Affect Costs on Jobsites

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Top 5 Factors That Affect Costs on Jobsites

What is the greatest concern of project managers when they embark on a new construction job? That’s an easy one: costs. With every passing day on-site, with every small delay and malfunction, the overall cost of the project can increase exponentially. As electricians with over 100 combined years working the field, we’ve concluded there are 5 factors that affect costs more than anything else on job sites.

  1. Material processing: what’s rule numero uno in the industry? Time is money. Typically, there are 6 steps involved from ordering material to receiving it at your job site, each taking around a week. That’s money down the drain, plus six chances for you to get messed over.
  2. Weather: Rain, snow, name it, it messes up your project timeline and can ruin your materials.
  3. Material malfunction: for every faulty light bulb, there’s a deadline that gets pushed off. Can you say frustrating? Not to mention dangerous...
  4. Underestimated project timelines: We love our estimators. But after all, we’re only human. Timelines can be miscalculated, resulting in more labor hours being spent than predicted.
  5. Inefficiency: Plain and simple. If your guys are wasting time, either with intent or due to the above factors, you’re going to see it in your bottom line.

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Do you agree with our list? Let us know what YOU feel are the greatest “money bleeders” on job sites in the comments below. Learn more about TBI’s electrical prefab solutions here.


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