Brand New Location At: 1107 N. Grundy Quarles Highway, Gainesboro, TN 38562

About Our Electrical Prefab

Electrical Prefab, Thompson Brown IncThompson Brown Inc is an electrical prefabrication assembly company. We are an IBEW manufacturer, member and partner with NECA. We’re here to bridge the man power deficit. We’ll help save costs and increase production generating a higher net profit. Our contractors are more aggressive in taking back the market share across the country putting more members to work. We provide innovative solutions and help implement lean operating processes. We’re a leader in providing the best quality product nationwide.

We’re able to offer products at a more competitive rate based on our automation and skilled workforce. These qualities allow us to build our assemblies in a more efficient manner. Our personnel have field experience in the electrical industry, allowing us to identify and solve issues with the installation of our products. 

Located in a large assembly plant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, TBI plans to expand locations across the nation. We’ll be happy to send a proposal based upon your plans and specifications.

 Electrical Prefab, Thompson Brown Inc