"As a Project Executive for a major electrical contracting firm, I am always looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce labor expenses. I was recently assigned 3 major projects in one of the most well known cities in the world. Each project started at the same time and the temporary light requirements were enormous. I reached out to Thompson Brown Inc. for a solution. They quickly presented a solution to prefabricate the temporary light stringers for us, not only saving valuable man hours on the site but allowing us to light up the work site much quicker.”

-Anthony S., Project Executive


"Recently, we were awarded a fast track call center project. From start to finish we have 8 weeks to gut and remodel a 42,000 square foot facility… Mike had mentioned (at E2E Summit) that he had a few standard pre-fab assemblies on his website, and one of them was designed especially for an MC cable project. I checked it out last Friday and called Mike about 9:00 AM and asked if he could deliver 200 units by Thursday to Dallas, TX. I added a twist by adding the Legrand P&S PlugTail devices. Mike had me a quote by noon, and I followed up with a PO shortly thereafter. I know Mike had to search long and hard for the devices and PlugTails, but his team was able to have the complete order ready to ship by Wednesday afternoon. The only problem was that overnight freight was going to cost in excess of $3,000! Mike loaded up his truck and drove all night from Nashville to Dallas to ensure our order was on site by Thursday morning at 8 AM. Within an hour of taking delivery, we got a call from the General Contractor’s Superintendent who was giddy with excitement of how fast our installation was going and very complimentary of us for helping to move the schedule ahead with this portion of the job. By the end of our 10-hour day, we had 100 of the devices roughed in, wired and ready for inspection. To say the least, Mike made us look very smart and will no doubt help us win more work with this GC and customers down the road. Our team is beyond impressed with how Mike and his team at Thompson Brown went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of us on our ridiculous schedule demands. I honestly can’t wait until I have another opportunity to put Mike to the test and let him exceed my expectations again. We try to align ourselves with solution providers in our industry who will partner with us and make us more successful and Thompson Brown is now one of those partners."


-Ben W., Project Manager