Why Electrical Prefabrication?

Our electrical prefabricated assemblies are what you need to get the job done effectively and on time. We prefabricate/assemble our products so you can reduce cost and improve safety while increasing productivity. Our electrical prefab is delivered to you as a completed assembly built to your required specifications.

Not only does Thompson Brown Inc manufacture and assemble your electrical prefabricated product, we offer innovative solutions to fulfill your needs. We can recommend a prefabricated solution based on your project drawings while working with your Foreman to orchestrate the delivery and kitting design. We are the #1 electrical prefabrication one-stop-shop for your current and future projects! We are industry experts dedicated to providing tactical strategies and innovative solutions.

Electrical Prefab

Rapid Rough-In
We make electrical rough-in easy with our prefabricated assemblies. Instead of building assemblies on-site, save time by having them arrive ready to install.  

Quick Trim
TBI's assemblies arrive already spliced so that the "trim" is simply taking off the metal cover and putting on a trim plate. Easy!

Effortless Ordering
With our online catalog of electrical prefab, we eliminate the need to order from a handful of suppliers. We make sure everything arrives on time. 

Straightforward Installation
Thompson Brown Inc makes installation simple. Assemblies are built to your exact specifications.

Smaller Footprint
Our electrical prefabricated assemblies remove any unnecessary movement of material that occurs on the job site. The redundancy and lost time are virtually eliminated.

Quick Payment
Ordering from our online catalog is easy. Pay with your credit card or PayPal account.

Fast Turnaround Time
Thompson Brown Inc is recognized for short lead times. We can deliver electrical prefab assemblies in the time frame needed.

Electrical PrefabElectrical Prefab